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Laser Dentistry

Do scalpels, sutures, and traditional drills increase your dental anxiety?

Lasers used in dentistry are noninvasive, eliminating much of the fear surrounding a visit to the dentist.

At Gables Perfect Smile in Coral Gables, FL, we enhance patient treatments through advanced technologies, such as laser dentistry.

What Is Laser Dentistry? 


Laser dentistry uses specialized lasers to treat a variety of dental concerns, including tooth decay, gum disease, gummy smiles, and more. The concentrated light energy emitted by lasers can remove and reshape hard and soft tissues with more precision and less discomfort than traditional methods. 

The Waterlase MD Laser Our Tool of Choice at Gables Perfect Smile

At Gables Perfect Smile, our dentist uses the Waterlase® MD laser, which combines water spray with YSGG laser energy to handle a range of dental treatments.
This video illustrating gum depigmentation offers an example of the Waterlase MD laser's capabilities. With this treatment, the Waterlase MD laser is used to safely remove the outer pigmented layer of the gums to reveal the pinker gum tissue underneath. The precise nature of laser dentistry allows us to remove just the right amount of tissue to deliver results without harming your teeth or other dental structures. 

Procedures Lasers Can Enhance

Our dentist, Dr. Gloria Ospina, uses laser dentistry techniques for many standard procedures at our Coral Gables office. Some of the the most common procedures where we employ laser dentistry include:

Tooth Decay Removal

The Waterlase MD laser can replace the traditional dental drill for cavity removal and tooth decay treatment. Lasers also help improve the tooth preparation process for root canal therapy, ensuring our patients a more comfortable and efficient experience.

Veneer Preparation

Veneers require a prepared enamel surface for a natural appearance and comfortable feel. With laser precision, we can carefully buff your tooth's surface to prepare it for veneer placement, ensuring optimal results you can smile about.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Patients with an uneven gum line or a "gummy smile" can benefit from laser-assisted cosmetic gum surgery. Dr. Ospina uses the laser to precisely remove excess gum tissue and contour the gum line to create a more proportional and balanced smile.

Transforming Teeth With Laser Precision

Reyna before gum contouring
Reyna after gum contouring
Cosmetic gum surgery using laser dentistry helped reveal more of this patient's teeth, reducing the look of a "gummy smile."

"Absolutely amazing experience." Patients Give Our Coral Gables, FL, Practice 5 Stars


cynthia acosta

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Highly recommend! Patty, the hygienist, was absolutely amazing. Her care and expertise were top-notch. Dr. Gloria was equally impressive - she did an excellent job at explaining what was best for my teeth. The whole team made my visit a pleasant experience!

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Coral Gables, FL


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I had an absolutely amazing experience at my recent dentist appointment. The entire staff was not only extremely professional but also incredibly welcoming, making me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. In particular, the hygienist, Patty, stood out for her kindness and exceptional care. 

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Dr. Gloria Ospina of Gables Perfect Smile in Coral Gables, FL

Gables Perfect Smile

Gables Perfect Smile has what you need to maintain the health of your mouth, improve the functionality of your teeth, and fine-tune the appearance of your smile. Gloria Ospina is affiliated with prominent organizations like the:

  • American Dental Association
  • Florida Dental Association
  • South Florida District Dental Association
  • World Laser Institute
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists - Implant Prosthetic Section

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