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Gum Surgery

From treating periodontal disease to improving the appearance of a smile, gum surgery makes a huge difference in patients' lives.

Our dentist, Dr. Gloria Ospina, is known for her experience, including her patented gummy smile technique, which she teaches to others.

Curious about the Gables Perfect Smile difference? See it for yourself at our advanced Coral Gables, FL, dental practice.

The Results of Gum Surgery

Reyna, Marcia, and Jackie are three of our real Miami-area patients. They have all seen significant changes in the appearance of their teeth and gums thanks to our different gum surgery options.

Case One: Gum Contouring

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Case Two: Gummy Smile Reduction

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Case Three: Lip Repositioning

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From Miami to Coral Gables, FL Patients Trust Our Approach


Ismael Espinosa

Coral Gables, FL


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The dental clinic is an exceptional experience. Dr. Ospina and the entire staff are amazing. Dr. Ospina is an absolute gem of a dentist. Not only is their expertise evident, but their bedside manner is second to none. But it's not just Dr. who makes this clinic exceptional; the entire staff is a dream team. The receptionists are friendly and efficient, always ready to assist with scheduling and insurance matters...The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, making visits to the dentist much more pleasant. They use the latest technology, which is reassuring. If you're searching for a dentist who combines expertise with a warm, caring approach, I highly recommend Gables Perfect Smile.

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William Houlzet

Coral Gables, FL


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As incredible as this may sound, the experience was very pleasant and non stressful. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, Dr. OSPINA’s office is the place for you. As soon as you enter the office you feel the calm, pleasant environment. You are welcomed by a professional staff that makes you feel relaxed. Dr. OSPINA’s state of the art equipment can resolve any issue, on site.

The most important thing for me was the feeling of confidence and professionalism that prevailed in the office, which helped keep me calm …a pleasant experience.

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The Basics of Gummy Smile Treatment

a woman with a gummy smile

Do you have excess gum tissue above your teeth? Dentists and periodontists can treat "gummy" smiles with crown lengthening or other types of gum surgery.

With crown lengthening surgery, our dentist reshapes your gums and reveals more of each tooth. Other types of cosmetic surgery, like gingivectomy work similarly.

While gum surgery from our Coral Gables, FL, dentist has helped many patients, it may not be a complete solution. If you have tried lip fillers to cover your excess gum tissue without success, Dr. Ospina has pioneered a patented gummy smile technique: the High Lip Line Corrective Surgical Method.

Lip Repositioning Uses a Three-Part Formula

Dentists across the country have been mentored by Dr. Ospina to learn about her pain-free patented method that's used primarily for patients who have had little success concealing their extra gum tissue with lip fillers. Though each treatment is personally tailored, the High Lip Line Corrective Surgical Method typically follows this formula:

Part One: Preparatory Care

Dr. Ospina prides herself in her detail-oriented approach. She'll fully assess your unique smile during a dental consultation. During occasions where she notices conditions that need treatment, she'll treat them first with preparatory care. This can include minimizing bone overgrowth from grinding with Invisalign® or TMJ disorder treatment.

Part Two: Laser Surgery

The inspiration for Dr. Ospina's patented treatment came directly from her interaction with a patient. She realized that she could incorporate her advanced laser dentistry training and use a Waterlase® dental laser to lower the patient's top lip. This minimized the appearance of the patient's gums, improving the frame around her teeth.

Part Three: BOTOX

Once she has addressed her patients' teeth and gums, Dr. Ospina can adjust the position of their top lip in a method that combines BOTOX® and attachments. The end goal is to limit the movement of the upper lip and secure the lip in a lower position, so the gums are less visible. As soon as this part is complete, you'll instantly see a difference.

A Firsthand Transformation From Gum Surgery

Our Coral Gables patient loves to laugh and smile, but she used to feel like she had to hide her happiness. After a quick gum surgery, she's able to experience an infectious change in confidence.
Dr. Gloria Ospina of Gables Perfect Smile in Coral Gables, FL

Gables Perfect Smile

Gables Perfect Smile has what you need to maintain the health of your mouth, improve the functionality of your teeth, and fine-tune the appearance of your smile. Gloria Ospina is affiliated with prominent organizations like the:

  • American Dental Association
  • Florida Dental Association
  • South Florida District Dental Association
  • World Laser Institute
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists - Implant Prosthetic Section

Let our relaxing Coral Gables, FL, office help you transform your smile. Fill out our contact form or call us at (305) 443-8225 to get started.

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