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Dental Implants

Even a single missing tooth can make simple pleasures like eating and speaking difficult. 

Dr. Gloria Ospina and Dr. Rosario Ferrante provide dental implant treatment to completely restore a healthy, beautiful smile. 

Learn how dental implants at our Coral Gables, FL, office can give you back your smile and improve your quality of life.

What Are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jaw. Implants act as artificial tooth roots to support restorations like dentures, dental crowns, and dental bridges to replace missing teeth. They provide much-needed stimulation to the jawbone to stop and prevent the bone deterioration that can occur with missing teeth. 

Take a Look at How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant-supported restoration is made up of three parts: the implant post, the abutment, and the restoration (crown, bridge, or denture) itself. The implant is inserted into the jaw. The abutment is then attached to the implant. Finally, a restoration like a dental crown is secured to the abutment and implant. In this case, a dental crown paired with a dental implant replaces a single missing tooth, improving oral function and appearance.

Enjoy Numerous Benefits

Your restoration can last for 15 years or more, while your implants can last a lifetime. Implants offer a range of additional benefits:

Superior Stability

With implant-supported dentures, you do not need to rely on messy denture adhesive for your denture to remain in place. The denture is secured to the implants for superior stability and no risk of slippage when you eat or speak. 

Restored Function

Even a single missing tooth can make things like eating and speaking difficult and even painful. Dental implants fill in the gap to restore your oral function. 

Younger Appearance

Paired with dental implants, a custom restoration looks, feels, and functions just like natural teeth. In addition to looking completely natural, the results can take years off your appearance.

Improved Oral Health

Missing teeth can cause other oral health issues, such as jawbone deterioration, shifting teeth, and even further tooth loss. Dental implants are the only restorative treatment that can truly prevent these issues.

Dental Implant Restorations

Implants support a variety of restorations depending on your needs. 
implant crown

Dental Crowns

A dental crown paired with a dental implant is an excellent option to replace a single tooth.

implant bridge

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge paired with dental implants can fill in the gap for patients missing several consecutive teeth. 

implant dentures


Implant-supported dentures are a great option for patients missing all of their teeth along one or both arches. 

Advanced and Affordable Care

While we do accept PPO insurance, most dental insurance plans do not cover dental implants. However, they may cover other aspects of treatment like your crown, bridge, or denture. We will verify coverage before your treatment begins to maximize your benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

For those without insurance or to finance costs not covered by insurance, we accept CareCredit® and Alphaeon Credit. This allows patients to break the cost of treatment into flexible monthly payments. 

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Dental Implant Candidacy

While dental implants are an amazing option for missing teeth, they are not right for everyone. You may be a good candidate for implants if you:

Are in Good Oral Health

Patients must be free of issues like gum disease and tooth decay to ensure a healthy foundation. We offer a range of treatment options to help you qualify for dental implants. 

Have a Strong, Dense Jawbone

If you have existing jawbone deterioration, a common side effect of missing teeth, you may need preparatory bone grafting before implant placement. This ensures the implants have sufficient bone material to graft to. 

Do Not Use Tobacco

Tobacco use is bad for your health and can increase your risk of implant failure. It is best to permanently stop using all tobacco products before implant placement to help ensure the best results.

Dental Implant Treatment Timeline What to Expect

Although treatment plans may vary slightly from patient to patient, you can generally expect several steps:
"We offer sedation dentistry to help anxious patients or those who have trouble sitting still during longer procedures.
"We offer sedation dentistry to help anxious patients or those who have trouble sitting still during longer procedures.


During your initial consultation at our Coral Gables dental practice, your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your history and goals to determine if you are a candidate for implant placement. 


Impressions will be taken in order to craft your custom bridge, crown, or denture. 


Your dentist will begin your implant placement by thoroughly numbing the area. We also offer sedation options to ensure you are completely comfortable.

Implant Placement

A small incision is made in the gums, and the titanium implant is inserted into the jaw. For one tooth, a single implant is placed. However, for multiple missing teeth, two to eight implants are needed per arch, depending on your needs.


In some cases, we can immediately place a restoration. However, some patients will require a healing period of about three to six months to allow the implants to fuse to the jawbone. This process is called osseointegration. 


Once you are healed, you will have another appointment to place an abutment on top of each dental implant.


Next, your dentist will place your restoration. You can expect it to look and function just like your natural teeth. Be sure to brush, floss, and maintain regular dental visits. 

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Gabriella Gladding

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I recently moved from California and needed a new dentist in Coral Gables. When I found Gables Perfect Smile I decided to give it a try. I scheduled an appointment and had an excellent experience with Dr. Ospina and Patty (their dental hygienist). From the moment I walked in, it was a very enjoyable experience. The waiting room is very clean with nice views, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Ospina is truly an exceptional dentist. Her expertise and professionalism were evident throughout my visits.

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William Houlzet

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As incredible as this may sound, the experience was very pleasant and non stressful. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, Dr. OSPINA’s office is the place for you. As soon as you enter the office you feel the calm, pleasant environment. You are welcomed by a professional staff that makes you feel relaxed. Dr. OSPINA’s state of the art equipment can resolve any issue, on site. The most important thing for me was the feeling of confidence and professionalism that prevailed in the office, which helped keep me calm …a pleasant experience.

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